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Fire Alarm System

Fire Alarm System

Smoke Alarm Solutions Compliant with New Scottish Regulation

Smoke Alarm Solutions Enhancing Safety in Accordance with the Latest Standards
At Astra Alarms, we understand the importance of staying ahead of safety regulations, especially with the recent updates in Scottish regulations regarding smoke alarms. Our smoke alarm solutions are designed to not only meet but exceed these standards, ensuring the highest level of protection for your home or business.


Our Smoke Alarm Services
1. Compliance with New Scottish Regulations:
Stay in compliance with the latest regulations set forth by the Scottish government. Our smoke alarm solutions are meticulously designed to meet all the requirements outlined in the updated legislation.

2. Professional Installation and Assessment:
Our certified technicians provide professional installation services, taking into account the specific layout and needs of your property. We conduct thorough assessments to ensure optimal placement for maximum efficiency.

3. Interconnected Alarms for Enhanced Safety:
In accordance with the regulations, interconnected smoke and heat alarms are now mandatory. Our systems are designed to ensure that if one alarm is triggered, all interconnected alarms throughout the property will activate, providing comprehensive coverage.

4. Upgrading Existing Systems:
If you already have smoke alarms in place, we offer upgrade services to bring your existing system in line with the new regulations. Our team will assess your current setup and recommend necessary enhancements compliant with New Scottish Regulation

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